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About Us

Taking advantage of the largest ecommerce media Ebrun’s rich real-time information which reach more than 5 million ecommerce managers, Ebrun research institute has built up powerful ecommerce information database and influential expert library. At the same time, we are the construction unit of Decision Consulting Research Institute of The National Engineering Lab of Ecommerce in Tsinghua University. Government-oriented research consulting services and enterprise-oriented research consulting services are two major business systems of Ebrun Research Institute.

Business systems
Government-oriented research:

As one of China’s most influential Think-Tank, we keep tracking central and local government e-commerce policy for more than 10 years, and support the policy research and draft work of NDRC, Ministry of Commerce and Ministry of Science and Technology all this time.

enterprise-oriented research:

For ecommerce enterprises, we provide professional consultation and reports on B2B, online retailing, e-commerce services, as well as e-commerce related professional market, international trade, county economy, courier logistics and many other fields.

Our Services

01 Ecommerce Development Planning

As the lead unit of Ministry of Commerce’s drafting group for the Thirteenth Five Years Planning for National e-Commerce Development, Ebrun Research Institute high-level consulting service for provincial and municipal government agencies, including Development Planning, Action Plan, Implementation Plan, Special Project Research and Setting Standards. In addition, we help our clients prepare a series accessory projects to make the plans be acted successfully.

Highlights of Governmental Consulting

Grasping the directions of latest national e-commerce policies
Familiar with ecommerce industry and enterprise's actual demand
Comprehensive investigation beyond the expectations of our clients
Strong guiding and operational function

Ebrun Research Institute Serves Central and Municipal Governments

02 Corporate Ecommerce (Internet) Strategy Consulting

Ebrun Research Institute studies e-commerce industry rules and modes in-depth,
committed to deliver Internet thinking,
methods and tools to our clients ensuring their transformation practice could be landed. In addition,
we provide irregularly scheduled face-to-face consulting services.

03 Big Data Real-time Monitor on Regional Ecommerce Industry

With a high-quality user sample,
we could monitor ecommerce practitioners’ concerns,
industrial hot events, parcels, online retail sales,
ecommerce service resources and the local electronic business policies in real-time. Depend on these data,
we could accurately grasp the regional ecommerce development status for major decision-making.

04 Business Model Interpretation

In Ebrun research institute,
we organize internal and external expert consultants,
interpret business model for our clients combining their strategies. With in-depth analyzing,
we refined the business models and publish a series of high quality reports.
Furthermore, we help our clients to promote and advertise on multimedia channels.
Relying on our influence in the field of ecommerce, we assist our clients to dialogue the Capital market,
lead the industry change, and call for policy innovation.

05 Investment & Acquisition Consulting

Ebrun research institute has systematically studied ecommerce industry trends,
business models and major enterprise teams,
and thus provide investment strategy recommendations,
project selection and project communication for our clients that have the need of investment and acquisition.
We help our investor clients find the accurate target project and complete the negotiation smoothly.

Selected Projects

Participated National
Policy Research
Ecommerce Planning for
Provincial and Municipal Governments
Research on
Ecommerce Industry

Elite Team

Expertise:Policy Study, Investment & Acquisition Consulting.
James Zheng  CEO
Expertise:Ecommerce strategy, internet consumer Insight.
Super Executive Director
Expertise: Ecommerce development planning, government consulting
Ronan   Vice Director

Our Professionals

Lv Benfu

Professor, PhD Tutor of CAS Graduate School; Vice Director of Enterprise Innovation Research Center

Sun Baowen

Professor, PhD Tutor and Director of the Internet Economics Institute, Central University of Finance and Economics

Ouyang Rihui

Vice Director of the Internet Economics Institute, Central University of Finance and Economics

Li Mingtao

Member of National ecommerce demonstration City Experts Advisory Committee

Yu Xiao

Member of National ecommerce demonstration City Experts Advisory Committee, Finance and taxation expert

Yang Jianzheng

Professor, PhD tutor of Shanghai Polytechnic University, Chinese expert in the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law

Wang Xiangdong

Professor, PhD tutor of Cass Graduate School; national Thirteenth Five-year planning Specialist

Wang Jian

Professor, PhD Tutor of UIBE; APEC e-commerce Specialist

Chen Jin

Professor, PhD tutor of UIBE, member of National ecommerce demonstration City Experts Advisory Committee

Chai Yueting

Professor, PhD Tutor of Tsinghua University; member of National ecommerce demonstration City Experts Advisory Committee